Core values of
CSi packaging

Together we embraced 5 core values which we use as our guiding compass in our daily business


Teamwork is the cornerstone of our project-driven business environment. Multi-disciplined teams of mechanical, PLC and robot engineers, purchasers, field technicians and project managers work closely together. We work and play hard, but always treat each other with respect. Our project teams have only 1 goal and that is a happy customer. Therefore supporting each other and being flexible are prerequisites.


Live your life to the max, that’s our motto. Since we’re a fast-growing company, we don’t have old habits. Instead, we reinvent and develop our business every day….


We at CSi packaging not only feel responsible, but accountable for what we do. We actively assume ownership to guarantee that a job is done perfectly. We – each and every one of us – make sure that a problem is not only solved now – it’s also avoided in the future, by continually evaluating and improving our performance. With our hearts and minds fully engaged, our goal is always to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Technical innovation

At CSi packaging, we are dedicated to technical innovation – it’s the key building block of our success. Our ultimate ambition is to offer the best fit-for-purpose technology. We attach great importance to technical details and continuously strive for a flawless implementation of our innovative solutions.


Social and environmental sustainability are integral components that drives our processes. We understand that our business and manufacturing activities can burden the environment and have an impact on society.

We incorporate sustainability into our business mission and core values by investing in our workforce and our communities, acting responsibly with regards to the environment, and delivering innovative post-press automation solutions for our customers.  The result, a smaller ecological footprint for CSi packaging, our customers, and therefore the world.

We strive to actively contribute to a safe environment and take a pro-active role in social responsibility by supporting both environmental and social programs.

Why join our


Excellent work atmosphere

The CSi packaging team has a good mixture of different ages, races and genders. Colleagues have different kinds of experience and background and that creates a good work atmosphere. People trust each other. Trust and bonding that come from working closely together, but also from the Friday afternoon drinks and the legendary annual Packaging Day year with a barbeque – the CSi packaging’s favorite kind of meal.


Perfect work conditions

Working at CSi packaging is dynamic and offers its team a stimulating environment. CSi packaging likes to develop its people and invests a lot in employee development programs. CSi packaging is very proud of its employees. CSi packaging promotes a good work-life balance and lets people take responsibility for their own choices.


Flexibility and possibilities

At CSi packaging, no two days are alike. Customers’ satisfaction is the most important. The customers are worldwide and work from different time zones, so we rely on the flexibility of our employees.
Employees can develop themselves in their position, but they also want to have a career path. Because of the different opportunities at CSi packaging, we can offer both. Together with the employee, we design the optimal path to growth for each person.